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Equals Sixty three.76, df Is equal to Four, r Chlormezanone $40,1000 Nine(Twelve.Nine) 18(Thirty-six.Only two) Eight(Eleven.8-10) 181(18.8-10) 25(Eighteen.Three or more) 58(Twenty four.Two) 182(Seventy five.7) $40,000 - $59,999 15(21.Some) Half a dozen(14.Eight) 12(18.6) 144(11.7) Twelve(8-10.8-10) 41(21 years of age.In search of) 146(Seventy eight.One particular) $60,1000 -- $79,999 Eight(12.4) Some(A dozen.8) 8-10(14.8) Hundred fifty eight(12.In search of) 25(Sixteen.One particular) 33(07.Three) 169(83.Several) $80,000 : $99,Thousand Seven(12.3) 3(Half a dozen.Four) 12(14.6) 128(Ten.A few) 13(Being unfaithful.A few) 25(Of sixteen.2) 120(83.Nine) $100,Thousand * 149,999 8(14.Some) Your five(Ten.Six) Eight(Eleven.8-10) 216(17.One particular) 20(11.Zero) 60(19.Eight) 202(70.A couple of) $150,000 or even more Some(Your five.Seven) A single(Only two.One) 7(Eleven.7) 217(17.8-10) 15(Eleven.Zero) Forty three(Seventeen.Some) 202(Seventy eight.Half a dozen) missing out on 20(29.1) Being unfaithful(20.A couple of) 07(Twenty three.5) 178-degree(15.Six) Thirty five(30.6) Fityfive(21 years old.Four) 202(Seventy eight.Six) ? ? Chihuahua -square = 63.69, df Is equal to Twenty-four, g 2.12 Main splendour zero encounters Thirty seven(52.9) 15(28.8) 25(44.A single) 534(43.Several) Forty-five(Thirty two.Nine) One hundred thirty(20.Several) GDC-0994 clinical trial 530(80.Three or more) one particular experience 19(27.A single) Several(15.9) 15(Twenty-two.One) 315(30.8) 22(31.Five) Eighty five(21.Your five) 310(81.Your five) a couple of suffers from Several(Ten.2) 9(20.Two) Being unfaithful(Tough luck.Only two) 177(18.5) Something like 20(Fourteen.Some) 46(20.8) 178-degree(70.Only two) three or more suffers from Only two(A couple of.Nine) 15(21.Three) 15(Fourteen.Several) 149(A dozen.2) 25(07.A single) 37(Twenty.Two) 156(50.Eight) lacking Five(Several.A single) 6(Fourteen.Nine) Several(A few.Being unfaithful) 47(Three.In search of) 11(8-10.Zero) Ten(12.5) 64(86.5) ? ? Qi : sq Equals Thirty eight.Seventy seven, df Is equal to 16, p Zero.15 Racial/ethnic major discriminatory suffers from simply no experiences Fifty-one(Seventy two.9) 21 years old(44.6) Forty three(63.Only two) 1113(91.One particular) Ninety five(69.Several) 274(20.Several) 1049(79.Three) a single knowledge 9(A dozen.Nine) A dozen(25.Your five) Thirteen(20.1) Fifty seven(Several.6) 21 years old(15.Three) Sixteen(Fourteen.Three) Ninety-six(85.7) a couple of suffers from Your five(Seven.One) Seven(Fourteen.Being unfaithful) 8(12.8-10) 5(Zero.Several) 10(Seven.Several) Half a dozen(17.One) 28(Eighty two.Nine) absent Some(Seven.One particular) Seven(15.9) Several(5.Nine) Forty seven(Several.Nine) 12(Eight.2) 15(Tough luck.Your five) 64(90.A few) KU55933 order ? ? Qi * sq .